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Together with your order you are receiving the elegant refillable bottle, designed for you to enjoy your favourite fragrance everywhere.

The ease of use of our bottle allows you to refill it quickly and conveniently, ensuring that you never leave your perfume behind. Here's how to use it:


1. Remove the golden cap from your favourite perfume,

2. Place the bottle on top of the perfume,

3. Press it down several times to refill it,

4. Take it with you and capture the attention of everyone around you with your irresistible scent.

With this system you transfer your fragrance perfectly, without spills or exposure to air.


You can easily remove the inner vial to monitor the amount of fragrance still present and, if you have more vials, replace it with another to change the fragrance in an instant: without emptying and cleaning it.




It is totally glass-free: you can use your fragrance in pocket size without the fear of breaking it!



The refillable bottle can hold up to 5 ml of perfume and delivers up to 75 sprays per refill. It can be refilled as often as desired. 


It is made of aircraft-grade aluminium and shockproof plastic: light, durable, environmentally friendly and approved by aircraft companies for hand luggage.

Thank you for purchasing one of our perfumes.

"A touch of elegance that will accompany you everywhere:

your favourite perfume, always with you."

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